Because we are the only agency offering all-round voice solutions

Our USP: Users and their brands are always our focus

By clearly defining goals and analyzing the customer journey, the user and the brand are always the focal point. Whether search optimization, the selection of the platform for the target group or the most suitable voice-audio concept, the definition of the strategy forms the basis for a sustainable and successful voice concept with brand experience.
In an iterative process based on KPIs from our vAnalytics tool, we continuously optimize the user experience together with your input.
Our process step-by-step

Everyone is only talking about voice programming
The voice iceberg

Of course, we could also just develop voice apps, but that alone will not keep your brand afloat with voice.
Programming a voice app is only 20% of a voice solution...
… is preparing the strategy and concept while continuously optimizing the UX!

With us nothing is hidden – the Wake Word process

Together with our partners we have developed a comprehensive and integrated voice & audio strategy approach as the basis for an optimal user experience.
We give an overview of the latest technology and platforms on the German market as well as presenting use cases.
What do I have to consider as a brand in general?
Demand and context analyses from the perspective of the target group.
Clear objectives and requirements including the measures to be taken.
Overall concept consisting of search optimization, voice-audio conception, vApp design, audio content and, if required, audio branding – including ideation.
Prototyping, testing, producing audio – we bring your concept to life.
We go live and integrate voice into the customer journey. After that, we continue to support you with tools such as vCMS and vAnalytics in live operation and guide you afterwards in optimizing the UX.

You want more details about our voice process?

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