Why Voice

The most natural way of communication

Voice conquers all living spaces

Smart speakers and smartphones are only the starting point - voice assistants are capturing more and more devices and living spaces

Voice Control in the car

Car manufacturers: Alexa, Google Assisant or MBUX will become standard for new vehicles

Alexa is becoming mobile, too

In addition to the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa is becoming a mobile companion

35% of smart speakers

are used as assistants for shopping, cooking and infotainment in the kitchen

The remote control is obsolete

Smart speakers and televisions controlled by voice assistants are moving into living rooms

And the number of relevant platforms is increasing

In addition to customized solutions from Mercedes MBUX, or Siri’s still closed applications, the following platforms are the focus of the users.

We are the first agency to offer a comprehensive and integrated voice approach for brands

In addition to the voice strategy, our approach is based on 4 areas of need for brands:

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